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Notts 50 plus is a site dedicated to providing the best services to people who are fifty plus by providing reliable information about the activities and organizations in the locality.

“Notts 50 plus is lending a helping hand to all the elders in the locality. The information that they provide are very useful and authentic. It helps the elders to be active and engaged.”


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5 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors

 Living a healthy life is very important forseniors. It helps them to remain fit and to prevent serious health issues.Hence, it is necessary for the elderly to have some hobbies that can ensurethey are mentally and physically healthy. For instance, involving themselveswith group activities can prevent poor health, isolation or depression. If youare searching for simple, healthy hobbies that can benefit the seniors, thereare many that you can consider. Below are top 5 hobbies to keep the elderlyengaged and active.     

    5 Healthyhobbies for seniors   

1. Art   Painting, drawing, and photography are someof the activities that are good for seniors. They help to keep the mind engagedand active and offer a creative outlook for them. Also, art is known to relievestress and anxiety. Another benefit of art is that seniors can participate in agroup. They can join art classes or clubs to learn and meet like-mindedpeople.     

2. Walking   Walking is an exercise and a great hobby aswell. It is simple, engage and easy on vital organs and joints. Walking canhelp the senior citizens to stay in shape, lose weight, and to live healthily.It also provides the elderly with a sense of freedom as it does not involveskills or equipment. It is one of the cheapest forms of workout and hobby aswell. Walking can be done anywhere and at any time. It can also involve groups,family and friends.   


  3. Pet care   Most seniors love pets. And according toresearch, caring for the pets can help to increase hormones linked tohappiness, lowering the blood pressure, and reducing the risk of seriousillnesses. Caring for pets also helps to reduce stress. Hence, it is afantastic hobby for seniors, particularly for those who live alone. Having adog or a cat provides companionship which can benefit the mental health. Also,pets offer opportunities for socialization and exercise. When they are walkedoutside, they attract attention. The senior citizen can talk about his or herpet to parks, for a walk or a play date with other pets. This is an excellentway of meeting new people and socializing.   

 4. Swimming   According to healthexperts, swimming is one of the best healthy hobbies for the senior-citizens,especially for those who have osteoporosis or arthritis. Besides, it preventsjoint issues, helps to build muscles and reduce pain. It is an activity thatcan be done alone or with other people.  


  5. Dancing   Whether you are youngor elderly, we all love to dance. Happily, dancing is a healthy hobby forseniors. Seniors can be able to relieve their youth by participating in dancingclasses, groups or clubs. Through dancing, they can build their muscles, reducejoint pain, and keep the vital organs such as lungs and heart healthy.According to several findings, dancing can help to prevent fall, make someoneflexible, and to avoid dementia. It is also an exciting hobby for socializingand making friends.     The above hobbiesare just a few of the activities that the seniors can benefit from. Otheractivities include gardening, cooking, socializing, reading, playing videosgames and many others.

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